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ProFiler on MS Windows Server Systems

Problem: ProFiler does not start after installation on MS Windows Server 20xx.

Reason: By default the "Data Execution Prevention" on server systems is set to maximum.

Solution: Change the Data Execution Prevention settings, or add ProFiler.exe as an exeption:

  • Right click the "Computer" symbol on your desktop or from Windows-Explorer to open the context menu.
  • From the menu select "Properties"
  • Then select "Advanced system settings" on the left side of the system dialog
  • Change to tab Advanced inside the "System Properties" dialog and click on the button "Settings..." in section "Performance"
  • On the new dialog windows "Performance Options" select tab "Data Execution Prevention"
  • Change the option to "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services"
    If you don't want to make this setting then add ProFiler.exe as an exection:
    - Click on the button "Add..."
    - Change to directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\ProFiler MP3-SE\" and select the file ProFiler.exe
  • Close all dialogs by click on button "OK"
  • Now the program should start normal

    The following dia show shows the above description step by step for MS Server 2008 as an example...