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ProFiler MP3i history - what's new?


2020-10-19: CDDB

  • freeDB for audio scanning has been removed by Magix. ProFiler now uses another freeDB to Show your CDA's content correctely. 


2019-04-06: Bugfix

  • Bugfix in funciotn "Scan Folder" of Picture Database dialog
  • Youtube-Download for audio files: default file format is now MP3
    (OPUS audio files cannot be played at the moment, but converting this format is already implemented! OPUS-playback for ProFiler is under construction.)


2019-01-08: Bugfix

  •  Bugfix on dialog "search and replace"


2019-01-01: New version after more than 4 years!

  • YouTube-Download, also download streaming of videos from other websides.
  • ID3-Tags now supports ID3-Tag V2 and album cover for MP3 and M4A Files.
  • A lot of extensions and improvements for converting, editing and playing video files
  • New designed audio database - gives you a better overview of artists and albums
  • HEX-Editor for professional file manipulation (experts use only - file damage possible!)
  • Script-Editor and -Manager (verwalten Sie die wichtigsten Batch-Dateien)
  • New "Search"-dialog to quickly find files and file content
  • Better support of transparente GIFs
  • Revision of the program interface (GUI) for adaptation to Windows 10 design
  • many small and bigger bug fixes (thank you for your numerous, constritve feedbacks)


2019-01-06: Version 3 preparation update for version 2.x users

  • this update prepares ProFiler version 2.x to be updatable to version 3, so it is only an intermediate step
    After updating to this version you will be ask immediately to update again, this is no fault!
    There was no other way bring up version 2.x users to version 3. Sorry for this confusion...


 2014-05-25: Small Bugfixes
  • correction of auto file name on Clip-ProFiler
  • correction on handling video subtitles (see also video options) 
  • correction of context menu file window


2014-05-01: Full Video Support (after 1 year developement)

  • Playback of all video formats
  • video files: converting, muxing, demuxing, rotate(!), concate, clip, crop and more
    easy to handle with right mouse button and context menu (like picture manipulation)
  • many improvements
  • full encoder and plugin support - now also available without registration!
  • Last version, that support Windows 2000 - next revision needs Windows XP and higher


2013-02-07: BugFix Controls

  • BugFix: load audio files to WAVE-ProFiler (only Studio Version)
  • BugFix: init function on OneClick picture editor


2013-01-27: Unicode file support

  • unicode support for files and folders (excluding folder tree view: still ANSI)
  • some small optimizations for handling


2012-10-05: Bugfixes

  • Bugfix unicode text in window titles
  • Bugfix in playlist of freeware version (thanks to Jürgen Gallitz for feedback!)
  • Bugfix: MP3 database apply, after ID3-tag editing


2012-06-24: Small Bugfix

  • After installation on Non-German systems ProFiler now starts always in English
  • Fixed memory leak on rotating pictures
  • Added possibility of rotating bitmaps with colordeph of 15 and 16 bit (not possible before)


2012-06-03: Unicode, multi user and more...

  • Exchange of all Microsoft controls to self-written unicode controls. E.g. makes it possible to show Russian text even on English WIndows systems
  • Multi user support: ProFiler now saves properties and data for each user on a system. Admin rights not longer needed (only for installation).
  • New audio convert functions for iTunes support: m4b and also m4r for iPhone ringtones (attention: ringtone files mustn't be longer than 30 sec. - ProFiler stops converting after this time. Then drag and drop the m4r file to iTunes and synchronize your iPhone - done!)
  • A lot of small bug fixes and improvements  - just see the result ;-)


2011-06-24: BugFix of Revision .008

  • audio play back multithreading of revision .008 seems to be not stable!
    This is a downgrade of this function! I'm sorry!!! :-(


2011-06-13: Last version with Windows 98/SE support!

  • last version with Windows98/SE support. The automatically update will be disabled on these Windows versions. This is neccessary to make ProFiler MP3i faster in future versions. RadioEdition updates will still be supported.
  • audio play back multithreading: allows editing or renaming of audio files, even if they are in play back mode
  • screenshot: now supports multiscreen even on option user area
  • update of online help
  • several small bug fixes


2011-04-09: Screenshot with optional mouse cursor 

  • screenshot functions now support optional including mouse cursor
  • improvements of multi file selection in batch operation
  • improvement of file filter list


2011-03-07: XP / Vista / Win7 Style

  • complete support of XP styles and themes for optimal optical adjustment to the used operating system
  • lots of improvements of user interface
  • various code optimizations for more stability


2011-01-08: Multilanguage Setup, Bugfix and CD Text

  • Setup now recognizes system language and runs in Englisch or German
  • Bugfix blue color entries for compact files and folders
  • Improved detecting of [Shift] key when deleting files
  • CD Text of Audio CDs now added to the ProFilers Database
  • Faster thumbnails in picture database time view mode
  • Improved Auto-Tagger of TAG editor


2010-11-28: Multibatch, Onlinehelp and Wave-ProFiler

  • Multibatch functions (see V2.0.002) for ZIP operations improved / corrected
  • Online help updated and improved code (program now 40kB smaller!)
  • Zooming and scrolling in the Wave-ProFiler (only Studio-Version) now correct (Thank you Heinz!)



2010-11-01: bug fix multibatch and new language: Russian!

  • This update contains a russian text file for language selection (only available on cyrillic operating systems because ProFiler still works in ANSI mode!)
    Many thanks to Aliya Mukhambetova for her excellent translation :-)
  • Im Batchbetrieb (zeitaufwendiges Konvertieren oder Zippen mehrerer Dateien) kann während dessen schon das nächste Verzeichnis für weitere Operationen aufgerufen werden. Dies führte bisher zum Absturz des Programms.


2010-10-15: bug fix TagEditor

  • Improved detection of the track number in the "Auto-tagging"
  • Troubleshooting (FLAC, APE and OGG tags could not be written.)
  • Troubleshooting for writing of genre


2010-10-03: start of new internatinal version ProFiler MP3i

  • full support of Windos Vista and Windows 7
  • works with all MS Windows systems from Win98 up to Windows 7 incl. all server versions
    (except NT4.0)


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