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AnyStart - the ultimate quick start menu

AnyStart    AnyStart - a user defined favorite start menu 
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AnyStart is a very small, powerful tool, to facilitate the invocation of programs and files. After configuration, you have your favorite programs with only one key-button click available - always!

Do you know this (?): after a time you've got your favorite programs for quick access on your desktop and in the quick launch, untill it is full and quick access becomes slow access. If an application is running the desktop is not really reachable for the next program and navigate the start menu didn't become more convenient since Windows XP...

Improvement brings AnyStart:
After the first launch a dialog apears, as shown on the right. Please drag and drop your favorite programs to the list on the right side. Everything is possible - it doesn't matter if it is a program, a file, or a link. If everthing is done just click the [Apply] button to save your settings (fig. 1).

Now you can run the AnyStart menu any time you want:
Therefore hold down the left [Ctrl]-key while pressing the right mouse button. The menu apears under the mouse pointer position and a simple mouse click launches the selected entry (fig. 2).

AnyStart configuration
fig. 1: configuration  



  • Start with Windows: creates a shortcut in the users autostart folder
  • Show in SysTray: shows AnyStarts icon in the task bar (right to the clock). Left click opens configuration dialog, right click opens the context menu. If you deselect this option, the only way to open the configuration dialog again is to open the menu and click on the upper right property icon!
  • Small / Large Menu Icons: If you've added a lot of entries it could be useful to select small icons, so you needn't to scroll through the menu entries.
  • Edit: via the main menu 'Edit' or right mouse click on the list you can rename, move, or remove the entries. Note: only the entry will be deleted, never the file itself!

To save your settings permanently don't forget to press the [Apply] button!


AnyStart menu
fig. 2: menu call  

Download now!   AnyStart Download (1.1MB - Version 1.6.000 - 2019-01-02)

ProFiler MP3i - the multimedia explorer

ProFiler MP3i    ProFiler MP3i - Audi, Vidi, Vici and more
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For the collection of music, video and image files on the hard drive every user has got a lot of programs installed on his computer these days: there are the favorite MP3, which perhaps even convert WAV files and ripp audio CDs. But for MIDI songs we need another program. One graphics program is a good tool for editing photos, but you need a second one for a millimeter accurate print - and another program to manage the amount of data in a database anyway ...

With ProFiler MP3i you have all these basic administrative tasks and much more, like zipping, scanning, screen capturing, internet radio, multi format audio player, multi format converter and so on in only one program ...

The Multimedia-Profi has got its own homepage: ProFiler MP3i...

ProFiler MP3i