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Source codes - basic modules for VB6, sorted by themes

Here you have some themed basic moduls, which will help you to do your daily programming work. Choose one module for download and you'll get a collection of functions, which can be integrated and called directly in you own programs.

Don't save the vbz-Modules in your project folder but in a separate one. Then choose 'add module' inside your VB-project and open the wanted module. Now - if you get a module update from our page - all your projects will be updated when you start them next time.

Common functions collection

vbzGlobal.bas V4.32


A greate collection of basic functions with ANSI and/or UNICODE support, which will be needed in nearly every basic program. Every function is marked with comments (but only in german). You are allowed to modify and extend the source code. But I periodically update these modules, so it should be better to make your modification in your own files to get full compatibility to the updates...

 basic module: vbzGlobal.zip

 demo projekt: not available

author: ralf schlegel
last update: 01/2013

ListView Extreme

vbzListView.bas V2.50 - added unicode support


A really Must-Have collection of API functions for the ListView control (Common controls V5.0 and V6.0). Every function is marked with comments in English. Expand your ListView control with the Look & Feel of Windows XP / Vista / Win7. Interesting features like MultiColumnSort, Explorerstyle or Watermark effect by stdPicture object!!!

All functions are fully documented in English!

 basic module: vbzListView.zip

 demo projekt: not available

author: ralf schlegel
created: 02/2014
last update: 12/2018

Menu extensions

vbzMenue.bas V0.9


Small collection of menu API funtions as a stand alone module. Demo included!

 basic module: vbzMenue.zip

 demo projekt: vbzMenueDemo.zip

author: ralf schlegel
last update: 09/2004

Multimedia MCI

vbzMCI.bas V1.1


Collection of MCI functions to control and play multimedia files as a stand alone module. Contains also a full CD player Context.Scope.Library! Doesn't need any OCX or classes! All functions have description (in German). Because this module uses only the winmm API it is possible to playback MP3 files directly, if windows version is Windows 2000 or newer.

 basic module: vbzMCI.zip

 demo projekt: vbzMCIDemo.zip

author: ralf schlegel
last update: 12/2004

Dial-up connection

vbzDFUE.bas V1.0


4 simple functions to create a dial-up connection: connect, disconnect and show state of connection are implemented. The rest should be self explaining! Needs vbzGlobal.bas!

 basic module: vbzDFUE.zip

 demo projekt: not available

author: ralf schlegel
last update: 09/2004