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ProFiler RadioEdition

More than 15 years of developement and thousands of hours I've been working for the Freeware ProFiler MP3. So if you buy the RadioEdition you won't make me rich, but keep me and my delevopement alive. Even if ProFiler MP3 is for free, it's not free for me at all: buying developer tools and 100% bannerfree Webspace have a price to pay! So I create the RadioEdition: the RadioEdition is not Shareware, it's a database service with radio stations all over the world, extended with information like genre country and homepage. More information and technical details you'll find in the FAQ-Area.

Only 10 Euro for more than 1800 radio streams , including a life time database update (3 to 4 times a year) - didn't you spend more money for less? If you're interested, you can buy it directly via paypal at the

ProFiler MP3i Extensions


- Virtually: If the mouse cursor stays on a station button, the stored channel name will be shown as a tooltip!
- Hidden: The background of the channel list can be modified by your own graphics from main menu 'View'!

- Clarity: use the context menu to assign country and genre to each channel.
- Intelligent: equal named streams will be automatically updated (OneKlick-Update)!

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